Ludlow, MA

Most people can attest to the embarrassment that they feel when their body hair overgrows and shows through the clothes. Apart from the embarrassment associated with body hair, there can also be extreme discomfort, which is why you should always keep our body hair short. There are many ways of keeping body hair short, but waxing is by far the most convenient method. Here at T 5 Nails Salon & Spa, we help you keep your body comfortable and good-looking by offering waxing services. We perform many different wax types here at T 5 Nails Salon & Spa, such as bikini wax and full body wax.
We use safe products in our wax procedures. In addition, we have fully trained and licensed estheticians who wax hair on sensitive parts of the body and individuals with sensitive skin. To help us offer you safe and quality services, we request that you inform us about any surgery, medical condition or medication that you may be taking. This is because waxing when you are affected by these conditions can be hazardous.
If you really want to pamper yourself, then our massage therapy is just what you need. Our massage experts will help you get a therapeutic treatment that will make you feel healthier and more relaxed. We offer our massages in different settings including massage chairs, massage tables and even on floors. Clients are welcome to choose the setting that they are most comfortable with. We try to make the setting as comfortable as possible, which is why we also offer private massage rooms and male and female masseurs. Clients can select the sex of the masseur that they are most comfortable with. We clean our rooms and surfaces after each massage, using disinfectant. We also clean the other tools that we use such as towels thoroughly and with disinfectant, after each use.